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"Do what makes your heart sing!" - Irene Leavitt Wengert


As a third-generation designer, my creative influences encompass a family legacy. My grandmother, aunts and my mother raised me in an atmosphere of creativity and the core belief that beautifying your surroundings has an empowering effect on the soul. I took that  background to the next level by getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Sales from Weber State University while focusing on design. I feel so blessed to have been raised in the service of beauty and creation, it provides me deep connection and meaning. My grandmother always taught me, “Do what makes your heart sing!”, and designing is just that for me.


How does your local area influence your work?

As a West Coast native living in Tennessee since 2005, I have found my people. I am passionate about the historical Southern restoration opportunities throughout the region.


We live in a unique area with a rich history that creates an iconic blend of colonial, southern architecture. To me, this tells the story of a timeless and classic aesthetic I am passionate about preserving, while adding some modern and unexpected whimsy!


While I have lots of fun designing in all styles, this influence of history and culture is what I have adapted as my personal design aesthetic and is one I can really connect with.

the story behind the brand


A note from Melissa...


Fun Fact: Did you know that the name “Melissa” means honey bee? I don’t think my parents knew that when they named me. As a middle school kid, those Egyptian or Hebrew name meaning necklaces were SO popular. I was excited to look up the meaning of my name at the mall kiosk since so many of my friends had names that meant, “the Joy of God” or “beautiful” or “princess” or “beloved daughter.” I looked mine up and felt totally jipped. Honey Bee???

Now my wiser and more mature self has come to embrace everything that bees do and represent. Another fun fact: I happened to grow up during my teenage and college years in the Beehive State and I also married my husband there. That's when we become queen bees right lol?! Bees are all about hard work to build their homes and raise and protect their young. The Queen Bee runs a tight ship! Everyone has a job in the organization of bees where all the different types of bees and their roles in the hive depend on one another. Outside their hive, they make flowers, food, and plants grow. They make our world more beautiful and sweet. Without them, our world would actually be bleak. These are all things I am proud to have my name represent, and now, my company. I will commit to doing the best work for my clients, to make their world more beautiful, and create sanctuaries for their families. This is what Melissa Golden Interiors means to me.

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